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Made In Wicklow

Welcome to Made in Wicklow, a showcase for the skills, originality, and creativity of craft makers in the County. Immerse yourself in a visual exploration of the people and places behind local beautifully made craft pieces, all made with Head, Heart & Hands. Our online platform invites you to embark on a journey through the landscapes of Co. Wicklow to discover the stories behind this thriving contemporary craft network.

Wicklow Crafts

County Wicklow has a long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity in all its forms, and an enduring passion for ceramics, wood, jewellery, metalwork and textiles. This story is one of resilience, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to artistic expression.

Many of Wicklow’s contemporary artisans draw inspiration from nature, finding sources for their imagination and creativity in the lush greenery, meandering rivers and in Wicklow’s rugged coastline. The ancient woodlands, the rhythmic waves of the Irish Sea and the tactile beauty of the Garden county serve as the perfect setting for all our craft artisans.

Ceramics, woodwork, jewellery making and textiles in Wicklow are not merely crafts; they are expressions of the county’s essence. The hands that shape clay, carve wood, fashion jewellery and weave textiles carry forward the legacy of craftsmanship that sets Wicklow’s craft apart, in a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation across a diverse range of mediums all inspired by the Wicklow landscape that breathes in us all.

This is an image of Míde Ceramic & Glass Artwork.

Míde Ceramic & Glass Art

This is an image of Chloё Dowdswork.

Chloё Dowds

This is an image of Olde Shillelagh Stickmakerswork.

Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers

This is an image of O’Flaherty Stonework.

O’Flaherty Stone

This is an image of Wicklow Willowwork.

Wicklow Willow

This is an image of Geoffrey Healy Potterywork.

Geoffrey Healy Pottery

  • Windrush Farm

    “I cannot recommend this place highly enough, beautiful location, and beautiful, caring people. Sophie and Lucy are so knowledgeable about their crafts, teachings and surroundings!” – Leah C

  • Emma Jane Rushworth

    “Commissioning a piece was one of the best things I have done and gifting it was even better.” – Susan Cork

  • Calnan & Anhoj

    “Husband and wife team Michael Calnan and Gunvor Anhoj have forged a small business with a big reputation from iron, steel, bronze and copper.” – Margaret O’Brien, The Sunday Business Post Magazine

  • Bread & Weather

    “These are the best candles – such a gorgeous natural scent which lingers long after. I will never buy another candle brand after discovering these.” – Aedin D

  • Shuttleknit

    “I was delighted with the quality of my Shuttle Knit gloves. Made with Tibet Tweed, they are so light and delicate, yet warm, very fashionable and, best of all, a perfect fit! I am so proud to be able to say that they were handmade in Wicklow by knitters from the travelling community.”

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